Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Happenings in March and April

3.19.09 Monochrom's  Johannes Grenzfurthner will visit from Vienna and will talk with the Kinetic Sculpture Class about Technology and disruption. 

3.21 - 3.27 INSTALL WITH ME!  This is not a plea for help but an invitation for people to come by the gallery during installation to talk about mounting a show, to watch the frustration and thrill that comes with having to make changes on site and to engage in conversation about large scale installations.  Come by to chat while I work.

3.27 - Visiting Artist Lecture in room 123 Sverdrup Hall, Webster University campus.  This is paired with the opening at the Hunt Gallery to talk about the new work. 

3.25 - 4.16 - 4.26 St Louis Earth Day Events.  3.25 + 4.16 - meetings at St Louis Teachers Recycle Center to play and learn about the materials that are available for the public to purchase and reuse.

Submitting and abstract for SECAC. Paper topic "Maybe Your Students Don't Want to Be Like You!"  (wish me luck and clarity).

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